Next omnibus MOM© 04/14 – ‘Baby’ Target 1 500 European mothers with babies 0-3 yo

Brand awareness, penetration, image ?
New range, new design potential ?
News about your brand(s) ?
Concept, pack, price testing ?
Impact of communication ?
Behaviours, consumption habits ?
Target, prescribers, competitors profiles ? …


To obtain fast answers to key questions/projects for your markets/brands, on a robust and representative sample for a rare target : 1 500 mothers of babies … but without having a lot of budget : Take advantage of our next European MOM© ‘My Omnibus for Mums’.

Target, Methodology
representative sample of 300 mothers of 0 to 35 months old children in 5 countries : France – Germany – Italy – Spain – UK (choice possible), surveyed online.
A high quality of data is ensured, respondents being selected from high-quality preferred partners through our Mother Expert Network and IDM’s leading proprietary Access Panel in France.

(on your questionnaire): April 8
Fieldwork (start): April 14
Results: April 30

Budget, deliverables
Pack ‘3 countries’ from 350€ HT per question / country, if same question in the 3 countries, 450€ HT if different – Pack ‘5 countries’ from 300€ HT per question / country, if same question in the 5 countries, 350€ HT if different.
PowerPoint report, presentation of the results (in situ or phone call)

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