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IDM organizes customized workshops and working sessions making use of its network of experts, professionals « connected » with the family and kids target group : media, com (journalists, bloggers … ) , health ( midwives, pharmacists … ) , childhood and education ( teachers , after school … ) and , according to the project : ergonomist , roughman , culinary chef …

Each month, let’s get the MOM © reflex with our robust ‘Omnibus for Mums ‘ : Take the right decision and get answers quickly with an optimized budget.
Expand your knowledge and understanding with our qual omnibus QualMOM ©.

There are many methods with qualitative online approaches and communities dedicated to target families, pregnant women, young parents ! IDM experts help you with clear thoughts and vision, by understanding how to manage these new approaches and define the best approach …for you !

New approaches
Multi-clients studies
Published studies

New approaches

What’s going on ?

  • Families’ touchpoints impact by IDM, a measure of impact, efficiency and synergy of your media mix. Find out the most efficient touchpoints on young mothers for your brand. Identify the best combinations of media for your brand/ campaign.
  • Baby marketing training : The keys to decrypt and conquer new parents, inter or intra enterprise sessions.
  • Inspiring Community, proposed in pre subscription, to feed your projects and the strategy of innovation of your baby brands
  • Our new methodologies dedicated to the mums and parents target groups using web listening
  • 9 Months Community©, for updated insights on a key target with the 1st ongoing community dedicated to young parents … from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy  to 3 months after the birth !
  • Social Booster© to optimize your social strategy for your baby brands and with the mums !
  • BabySoon©, in partnership with Soon Soon Soon – A review of recent innovations and trends focused on maternity and babies markets, analysis and decoding with experts.
  • QualMOM©, our qualitative omnibus solution to gather insights, in a fast and cost-effective way, in order to improve the management of your projects on the target group.
  • Kitchen Lab©, a strategic tool at the core of all the food brands needs to developp new products / recipes, to better understand and optimize the sensorial characteristics … a mix of approaches : ethno, organo, focus group, … and of expertises.
  • ID Crea©, an approach to innovate in your product and service offering to parents : Find new concepts, create new products or services, expend into new field, new area of uses, improve & develop ranges,innovate and stand out: promotions, incentives, points of sales campaign, loyalty program…

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Multi-clients studies

What’s up ?

  • New ! Loyalty Barometer 2018, dedicated to the mums to be and mums with babies. Subscription opened and results for the beginning of 2018.
  • Inspiring Community, proposed in pre subscription to feed your projects and the strategy of innovation of your baby brands.
  • 9 Months Community© : Get insights from the 1st qualitative online community dedicated to the parents to be … during 9 months. Results available now !

  • BabySoon©, with our partner Soon Soon Soon : Innovations and trends book focused on maternity, baby target (2015).
  • Barometer ‘Relationship between brands and parents’, with our partner Marketing With Mums (2014)
  • Childcare and baby equipment markets (2014)
  • Babymetrie, reference media research in France for measurement of the specific gift boxes and guides “around the birth” (2013)
  • Internet Barometer (2010)
  • Barometer of mothers with 3-14 year old children (2009)
  • Barometer of mothers with 0-36 month old children (2008)
  • Barometer of mothers with 0-6 month old babies (2008)
  • Barometer of pregnant womens (2008)

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Published studies

Some of our published surveys …

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