IDM and Biofortis sign a strategic partnership on sensory and consumer researches


IDM, a specialist in marketing research conducted with families, mothers and children, and BIOFORTIS (formerly Adriant), an expert in sensory and consumer studies, are now partners to provide specific and innovative qualitative and quantitative solutions for product testing in these target markets: Food, Hygiene and Personal care, OTC, Childcare…

French and international advertisers have with IDM a privileged access to the target group: pregnant women, parents, babies, children, teens and also benefit from a thorough knowledge of these groups and their markets. Biofortis provides 30 years of experience in sensory research to introduce consumer’s uses, motivations, perceptions and emotions at the heart of product development.

This agreement opens the way to conduct optimized market research in a central location, research center, at home or in dedicated spaces (medical, educational …). Organoleptic testing, concept-product adequacy testing, preference-mapping, claim validation, marketing repositioning, search for insights … all of these can be accomplished on these specific populations, which are particularly difficult to reach and to interview. This new partnership of IDM and Biofortis provides a real answer to a strategic element of decision for marketing and R&D teams.