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Among our most recent data …

Your questions

Your questions and your concerns are varied and unique.

For your specific issue, at each step of your project, building on a solid basis of knowledge and leading-edge skills about the target group, your markets, you benefit from an ongoing support, closely to you and your business needs …

Understand, deepen…

Mood, attitudes, perceptions – Expectations, motivations, barriers – Trends – Environment – Influences – Prescribers B2B and B2C – Touch points : medias, supports – Retailers – Digital behaviour … for the target gruop (pregnant women, mothers with babies, parents, kids, families)

The Institut des Mamans offer
Generate, create, improve…

New ideas, new insights – Concepts – Packs – Products – Services – Loyalty programmes and CRM – Websites, Fan Pages …

Evaluate, measure, follow…

Your markets, consumers, buyers – Your competitors – Your influencers and prescribers – Your marketing actions – Your cross-canal, points of sale operations – Your communication, CRM, digital actions – Your internet users …

Our answers

We select the best approach through our experience in the mix-methodology : online / offline for both qualitative and quantitative research, ethno, semio … our specific expertises and our pool of specialists : kids targets and markets, media, digital, creativity, innovation, semiology, …

We will provide you with ad hoc and renewed approaches, solutions : it’s essential that we have new ideas and see things differently, in a fast-moving world !

Understand, deepen…

Workshops, trainings (targets, markets) – Observation, ethno, immersion (home, shopper …) – Exploratory research – Observatories – Brand equity studies – Play sessions, Kitchen lab for kids© – Sensory and consumer researches, … in hall or at home, with Biofortis – Opinion research – Qual online research, communities 9 Months Community© …, omnibus QualMOM© with Krealinks – New Mums & Brands© (choice and purchase drivers) …

The Institut des Mamans offer
Generate, create and improve…

ID Crea© Online communityCreative workshops – Kitchen Lab© for kids and mums, organoleptic testing – Concept testing – Name, logo testing – Packaging testing – Communication testing …

Evaluate, measure, follow…

U&A – Use test – Sensory and consumer researches, … in hall or at home, with Biofortis – Awareness, satisfaction, image research – Barometer surveys and trackings – Quant online Omnibus MOM© – Barometer survey on ‘Relationship between Brands and Parents’ (CRM) with MWMFamilies’ Touchpoints© (contact points) – Babymetrie© (pregnancy and maternity medias) …

Among our most recent data …


  • First time expectant
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd semester pregnancy
  • First time mum / already mum
  • Child’s age
  • Number of children in the household
  • Blended / single-parent families
  • Location : Region / size of town
  • Age
  • Status
  • Profession
  • Education
  • Income (monthly net of household)


  • Pregnancy
  • Delivery
  • Return from maternity
  • Breast feeding
    • Intention/ practice
    • Duration
    • Decision moment
    • Motivations, barriers
    • End: Reasons for ending
    • Perception
    • Factors, influential people
  • Mothering
  • State of mind, spirits, confidence in future
  • Difficulties met
  • Role and education principals
  • Values to pass down

Consumption, buying

  • Consumption and buying behaviour in general:
    • Fashion, novelty, new consumption trends (organic, ethical, green… products) …
    • Brands, private labels
    • Labels, nutritional information
    • Price: promotions, value prices, discounters
    • Crisis
    • New baby’s impact on buying, home equipment renewal (dwelling, car, appliances, new IT products…) and on bank /insurance products
  • Prescription, child’s opinion by category of products, markets
    • Shopping for the child
      • Games (including video games), toys
      • DVD, CD
      • Books, comics, mangas
      • School stationery
      • High-tech products (MP3, mobile phones …)
      • Hygiene, care, cosmetics
      • Food
        • Confectionery, sweets, chocolate
        • Breakfast cereal
        • Savoury snacks
        • Biscuits, cakes
        • Sweet drinks
        • Yoghurt, dairy desserts
      • Going out
      • Clothes, shoes
    • Shopping for the family
    • Personal purchases for the adults
  • Detailed consumption and buying behaviour for some markets, sectors, key products, i.e.
    • Prompted (top of mind) or assisted awareness
    • Brand penetration, retail chains (purchase, usage)
    • Brands that develop loyalty (purchase, regular use)
    • “Favourite” brands (purchase, frequent use)
    • Equipment ownership rate per household
    • Types, kinds of products
    • Influential criteria, Prescribers (discovery, choice, loyalty)
    • Shopping repertoires, E-commerce
      • Textile, baby and kid fashion
      • Infant milk and cereals, food
      • Children’s food: “home-made”, family meals, breakfast, snacks, healthy diet
      • Hygiene products, care, cosmetics, baby / child
      • Bottles (prenatal and postnatal attitude)
      • Baby-phone (prenatal and postnatal attitude)
  • Brands and shopping circuits for some markets, sectors, products
    • Attitude switch: buying new products and brands
    • Retail chains, online shops and specialist stores for pregnant women and babies
    • Products for pregnant women
      • Clothes, lingerie>
      • Cosmetics
      • Food products and supplements
    • Shopping for baby during pregnancy (childcare, furniture / decoration items, baby clothes, toys / stuffed animals, nappies, hygiene products, care, infant milk)
    • Cosmetics for pregnant women
    • Toys, games including video games
    • Small childcare
      • Overall
      • Dummy (pacifier)
    • Large childcare (pushchair, car seat …)
    • Furniture, decoration

Lifestyles child / family

Key figures for some topics

  • Leisure, Activities, Holidays
    • Eat out with the family, restaurant / fast-food
    • Child’s free time
    • Child’s sports
    • Child’s activities
    • Cinema, exhibition … with the family
    • Family holidays, clubs / hotels with focus on children’s activities
  • Pocket money

Information sources, media

Key figures for some topics

  • Information sources during pregnancy (people, media …)
  • Detailed results for 5 media, overall and by support: Press and websites for parents, gift boxes and bags (third party inserts), specific guides
    • Penetration
    • Liking
    • Usefulness
    • Confidence
    • Influence on purchase

Internet (target group’s behaviour and habits)

  • In general :
    • Websites visited on a regular basis
    • Objectives, information and services looked for during the visit
    • Needs and expectations
    • Newsletters and emailing: Inscription, mums’ preferences and expectations
  • E-commerce
    • Needs and expectations
    • Child’s shopping share and frequency
    • Types of products purchased
    • Restraints
    • Preparation for online shopping
    • Types of websites (cyber markets, auction sites, private sale sites …)
    • Shopping websites (last 12 months )
    • Satisfaction regarding what is on offer for children