• Exclusive figures from our 1st Barometer survey on

    'Relationship between Brands and Parents'

  • The 1st community of parents-to-be followed for … 9 months !

    Launch in October 2014, in partnership with KREALINKS. Use the opportunity for your brands : Join our new market research '9 Months Community !

  • IDM and Biofortis sign a strategic partnership about sensorial's market researches

  • Our vision

    Working closely approaches … to go further by your side

  • Our experience

    More than 10 years of experience in market research and marketing consultancy in a 100 % ‘baby, kids and family’ universe … it helps your projects growing stronger !

  • Our insights

    Share with you our dynamic knowledge of the target group: must know (key figures), state of mind, life styles, environment, trends … it’s better to know, deepen, look ahead, anticipate and get a clearer pictures of your markets!

  • Since 2001, we keep developing and improving tried, tested methodologies new online approaches

    A qual and quant integrated, optimized research platform, a proprietary Access Panel leader in France with 80 000 mums, 150 000 kids … it gives us a competitive head start and we will continue to progress … Essential for a highly digitalised target group isn't it?

  • A dedicated team with a great passion for our job who stand by your side throughout the project

    Both qual and quant expertises for comparative and complementary views to enrich and cover the whole issue of your market research. It’s important for us to build with you a long-term partner relationship.

  • Our Mother Expert Network

    Local experts of the target group and its environment, access to more than 400 000 mums / families in Europe, America, Asia … IDM continues to grow worldwide for your needs!


Exclusive figures from our 1st Barometer survey on

'Relationship between Brands and Parents'

About IDM


A story of love with… mums!

10 years of experience in market research and marketing consultancy focused on one target group.

We developp innovative quantitative and qualitative tailor-made approaches for market research dedicated to mums (mums to be), dads, kids … families!

Since the launch in 2001, we have supported many brands, in France and in Europe, by anticipating consumers’ needs, following communications plans, defining and developing markets, as well as creating tomorrow’s products

IDM's diary


A very full current events agenda for our ‘Back-to-School’  2014 .. Many news for IDM and thus for your brands.

LOGO-SOONSOONSOONDiscover the 50 best innovations around maternity, from pregnancy to baby’s first few months, with BabySoon : The 1st Soonoshot launched with our partner Soon Soon SoonAvailable today for pre-order !

Launch 17/11, in partnership with Krealinks, of 9 Months Community : 1st qual community dedicated to the parents-to-be, proposed on subscription. Take part of the adventure to get 9 months of insights on a key target !

Exclusive figures and findings from our 1st Barometer survey on ‘Relationship between Brands and Parents’ to find out all you want to know about  CRM & Families, with ou partner Marketing With Mums : An insightfull survey for all business leaders and marketing managers in their next round of CRM strategies and operations for all parents-to-be and parents of children 0-14 yo. Order the report for a rate of €1 000.

Get quantitative insights and solid results with our next international quant omnibus MOM© : Mothers of babies 0-3 yo in november, parents and kids 6-12 yo in december ! 


What's new?

Quoi de neuf ?New market research

IDM and Biofortis sign a strategic partnership about sensorial and consumer’s market researches to provide qual and quant specific and innovative research solutions, approaches about product testing for specific market of our target group : Food, hygiene/care, OTC, childcare

New datas 2014 for the childcare and baby equipment markets More informations

You need to know more about the IDM panel ? Let’s organize a  ’guided tour’  for your research, marketing teams.
Share our insights during workshops and training sessions focused on your target group.

Results of the 1st ‘mum’s loved brands’ Barometer survey© 2013 … and 2014 soon

touchpad in europe

Results and findings
Touchpads family’s equipment  – European focus