Myriam Le Danvic

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Myriam Le Danvic

Market Research Manager

  • Master’s in Management – children products, CEPE (European Center for Kids’ Products)
  • 7 years’ experience in both qual and quant market research.

She has developed new research methodologies, especially adapted to kids targets/topics and is participating in research best practice groups.

What else?
Myriam likes laughing, reading books, listening to music, playing games, going out with friends for art exhibitions and brunches, enjoying Paris! To get some fresh air and find serenity, she goes back for the week-end to her native country BZH (Brittany) – a bit chauvinistic right? :-)

One of her favorite quotes: “Instead, I would like to talk about you… Odile… I’m Odile. Pluto is Mickey’s friend. Aaah not… Pluto is Mickey’s dog… Mickey’s friend is Dingo.”